STIL Bonus
A Collection of Scene/Game Tunes Referenced in HVSC's STIL

DOWNLOAD: STIL Bonus version 1.0 (63 MBs). You can also browse the unzipped collection.

Welcome to a wonderful collection of MODs, MP3s, and other assorted tunes referenced in the STIL.  These tunes, as far as I understand, are freely distributable but the original composers still hold the copyright.  If this is incorrect, please let us know.

The collection was put together in order for the HVSC team to verify several STIL entries for correctness.  We then thought it would be a nice collection that the public may also enjoy.  For some of you, you may have never heard these tunes.  For others, it may be a trip down nostalgia lane. You may even find that you actually prefer some of the SID versions while for other cases the modules/MP3 will be preferable.

To find out which SIDs are covering which modules, you'll have to look in the 'STIL.txt' file that is included with the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) under the /DOCUMENTS directory.  Just open the file and search for the module name. Sometimes you'll find that multiple SIDs cover one module.

Note that we are still looking for other tunes covered on the C64.  Please see Wanted.txt included in this collection. If you find a module that covers a SID not listed in the STIL, please send me the module as well and let me know which SID it is covering.

For those of you who are new to modules, know that not all module players are created equal.  You can try using Google to find some of the top ranked free players for your platform.  Some decent players include, Winamp, DeliPlayer 2, etc.

Enjoy, and check out the HVSC web site!

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